Blog article writers: How we launched Popsy and Mama’s blog and ranked it #1 on Google!

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Childrenswear brand, Popsy and Mama, wanted a blog and approached our blog article writers to help out.


We Are Copywriters developed a blog strategy to increase Popsy and Mama’s SEO score and online subscriber list.

In six months, Popsy and Mama achieved an engaged email list and now ranks #1 on Google for specific keywords.

Blog article writers

About Popsy and Mama

Popsy and Mama is an independent childrenswear brand that launched in 2018. The brand has grown significantly over the past few years and the founder wanted to increase customer engagement and grow its subscriber list by launching a blog.

How we grew Popsy and Mama’s subscriber list and boosted SEO

Our team developed a blogging strategy for Popsy and Mama to ensure its blog posts provided value to customers, encouraged subscriber sign ups and increased search engine visibility.

Every week Popsy and Mama issues a new blog post. Each blog post falls under a different category: style, imagination and play, or mum life. The categories each have their own strategy for engaging Popsy and Mama’s audience and new customers.

Guest blogging opportunities

As Popsy and Mama is a huge shop small supporter, we also launched a monthly “Small Business Love” guest blogging opportunity where an independent business can share information about their service and products.

The “Small Business Love” guest blog is shared with Popsy and Mama’s subscribers who are all advocates for shopping small. It’s proven to be a successful way to increase the brand’s credibility in the independent business community and increased blog post shares and views.

Blog article writers

SEO strategy

Popsy and Mama’s SEO strategy targets lucrative keywords across the childrenswear’s online shop. We also use the blogging platform to target long-tail keywords customers are searching for online.

The results

  • In just 6 months, We Are Copywriters grew Popsy and Mama’s subscriber list from 0 to 300 highly engaged members.
  • Popsy and Mama now ranks on the first page of Google for plenty of fruitful target keywords.

View all of Popsy and Mama’s blog posts here.

If you’re looking for blog article writers for your business get in touch (here) to chat about your project.

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