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Dyslexia Decoded support parents and children with dyslexia


Dyslexia Decoded provides assessments and tutoring for dyslexic children, and workshops for parents to help them understand the ins and outs of the learning difficulty.

The founder of Dyslexia Decoded wanted to share resources and insights for parents and asked We Are Copywriters to help out.

Since launching the articles, parents have expressed how useful they are finding the information and for once they feel like they have control over their child’s learning challenges.

About Dyslexia Decoded

Kim founded Dyslexia Decoded after her own children were diagnosed with dyslexia. Whilst trying to navigate how to support her children, she discovered there was little help readily available for parents to explain the learning difficulty in language easy to understand.

It was this experience that inspired Kim to retrain as a special educational needs teacher (SEN) and help children, and parents living with dyslexia.

From here, Kim founded Dyslexia Decoded to offer consultations, mentoring and workshops for parents.

Dyslexia Decoded launched to support children with dyslexia, and their parents.

Articles to help parents understand dyslexia

Kim has a entire wealth of knowledge about dyslexia and wanted to pass this onto children and parents. She hired We Are Copywriters to provide weekly articles that would give parents information about the learning difficulty and offer tips to help their children with subjects such as reading, writing, maths and english.

We Are Copywriters had monthly catch ups with Kim to immerse our writers in everything to do with dyslexia and plan future articles to support parents – based on feedback and reader stats.

Explaining dyslexia to parents – in layman’s terms.

The results

Dyslexia Decoded’s articles became so popular with parents that it inspired the founder to create a Membership Area. The new Membership Area now provides regular articles and is a valuable asset to the business.

You can read all of the blog posts here.

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