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Share This Post hired We Are Copywriters to produce PR and Marketing content to support its SEO backlink strategy.


Credible backlinks form part of every successful online business’ SEO strategy.

Insurance company,, wanted to give its backlinks a boost while gaining brand awareness at the same time.

We Are Copywriters tackled the project by producing a PR-driven story that would generate interest from potential customers and secure online coverage with popular media.

During the PR and marketing campaign, saw an increase in online traffic and was pleased with the SEO boost it benefited from too.

About is an insurance business providing protection for gadgets and household appliances.

The business is based solely online, therefore it requires a robust SEO strategy.

Developing Row’s PR and Marketing content

Surveys are a well-known tool in the PR industry to generate coverage. This type of PR doesn’t work for every brand campaign, however as’s focus was on backlinks it was a solid strategy to move forward with.

Using We Are Copywriters’ PR and journalism experience, we developed a survey that was sent to over 2,000 UK mums about their social media habits.

The results threw up many interesting statistics, however the headline that stood out the most was – parents spending more time taking pictures of their children, than parenting them.

It was a strong story for the media and the one we decided to lead with.

Generating PR coverage and backlinks

We Are Copywriters sold the ‘social media mums’ story to reputable online media to secure coverage.

We worked closely with each journalist to create unique content that would suit their platform. For example, we wrote case studies for the Daily Mail and a quiz for Mother & Baby readers. All articles included follow-links back to’s website.

The results

Our team wrote and secured over 10 pieces of online coverage over the course of two months. Each piece of online coverage included a follow-link. was thrilled with the results and confirmed they were keen to repeat the project at a later date.

You can view some of the online coverage results here:

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