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Digital Content Writers

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Content, content, content. It’s what all businesses need to survive today. 

All day every day consumers are digesting digital content within seconds. The speed at which they engage is phenomenal and many of us marketers can’t keep up!

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We understand how churning out content puts a huge pressure on your internal team – or you, if you’re a one man band. So, why not hire us to become a freelance member of your team that you can lean on when deadlines get out of control?

How we can help

We’re highly experienced in writing emails, newsletters, downloadable reports and whitepapers, online articles and even have the know-how to spruce up Linkedin profiles. We either write about subjects you want us to write about, or we come up with content ideas to attract your audience.

Case Studies

Writing online content to drive click-thrus for wanted to see content published online to drive click-thrus and increase its SEO.

We worked with to develop a piece of research to generate a story its target customers and the media would want to read.

Using the research we wrote a press release, articles and case studies to secure coverage with quality web links in online publications and blogs.

View more results here. 

Beverley Whitefoot, founder of Black Cat Coaching, asked Copy Write to provide expert guidance on her Linkedin Profile copy. The aim? To get more secondary school teachers contacting Beverley to support them with their career.

We worked with Beverley to identify potential clients’ pain points, to ensure her profile showed understanding and compassion to drive teachers to get in touch.

Beverley was delighted with her new Linkedin profile and said it helped tell people what Black Cat Coaching offers in a clear and concise way.

View Beverley’s LinkedIn Profile here.

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