How Audio blogs put Blackhawk Network at #1 on Google

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Client: Blackhawk Network

Who are they?

Blackhawk Network is a global customer and employee incentive and rewards company,
boasting a reach of 28 countries with over 3,000 employees. And, with 775 million cards
issued annual, working with approximately 400,000 retailers, Blackhawk Network is ‘shaping
the future of Global Branded Payments.’

Back in 2001, Blackhawk’s innovative idea of selling gift cards within grocery stores
transformed the way gift cards were sold, beginning with only six brands. This has now
expanded to over 1,000 household names such as Disney, Tesco and Aviva and is now worth
approximately £18 billion.

Reaching over one million people a day via their omnichannel approach, Blackhawk Network is adapting to stay current. Offering digital solutions across the board to retailers, merchants and digital re-sellers, the business provides ‘the tools to help you drive revenue with a gift card programme’ via a number of options such as pre-paid cards (via Mastercard), discounted bundles and personalised cards.

While Blackhawk Network has multiple offices and a dedicated Marketing Department, it
was stretched to keep up with weekly, high-quality content that would attract readers and
search engines. 

This is where our work came in – to develop a blogging strategy and blog
content to drive as much traffic to the site as possible.

Our work with Blackhawk Network

The We Are Copywriters’ team began with developing a blog strategy to ensure customers
were secured at every point of their buying journey – the awareness, consideration and
decision stages. Understanding what target customers are searching for online, and their
intent when searching for specific answers and outcomes, was vital to ensure Blackhawk
Network became an authoritative leader in the industry – and on search engines.

The blog strategy was then developed further into a content planner, and the We Are
Copywriters team provide the ongoing content on a weekly basis. This not only meant
Blackhawk Network now had strategically-led content going live every week, but the
marketing team could also now concentrate on other pressing business priorities.

Audio blogs also played a part within the strategy to keep Blackhawk ahead-of-the-game in the online content world. Audio blogs are the future – not only because they create a better user experience for readers, but search engines give them extra SEO points too.

The result

Blackhawk Network is now proudly ranking NUMBER #1 on Google for a vast amount of
relevant keywords, and since the We Are Copywriters’ team came on board the web traffic
and online visibility has increased month on month. The business now gets around 7,000
hits every single month, resulting in valuable leads.

With the audio market thriving, the introduction of its audio blogs has also proved a huge success. The first audio blog for Blackhawk Network appeared TOP of the rankings, superseding a big competitor for a popular keyword.

Interested to find out about audio blogs? Get in touch, we’d love to chat.

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