Lead generation content: Raising brand authority and increasing leads via successful monthly newsletter

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Client: Brand Loyalty

Who are they?

BrandLoyalty is a customer loyalty specialist establishing key connections between global retailers, their partners, and the individual shopper. With over twenty-five years’ experience in the retail sector and over 25,000 loyalty campaigns delivered, BrandLoyalty is the go-to company for innovative and continuously evolving ideas. The company has its finger on the pulse of the retail industry and its fount of knowledge sees them partnering with prestigious companies such as Marvel and the newly formed Eco-Ray. Their vision is clear: boosting loyalty through campaigns that make people happy.

Our work for Brand Loyalty

The We Are Copywriters’ team provide copywriting support on a monthly basis to BrandLoyalty, creating an informative newsletter that’s full of up-to-the-minute information of what’s going on in the retail industry. The newsletter, Things We See In Retail and Loyalty, is distributed globally, with a goal to keep retailers and their partners abreast of the latest news. 

The newsletter sees BrandLoyalty establishing themselves as thought leaders in the retailing world. To date, the newsletter is now in its third year of publishing and last month delivered key information involving forty retail companies worldwide on all aspects of retail such as enhanced loyalty schemes and the introduction of new eco-friendly products.

The Results

Working as an extension of BrandLoyalty’s marketing team, the We Are Copywriters’ team provide reliable and consistent support to ensure the newsletter is produced and distributed on time and to a high standard. There is a quick turnaround from receiving the specifics to completion of the newsletter, ensuring that tight deadlines are met, and the content is current. This service takes the pressure off the in-house marketing team so they can focus their energies on other business priorities. This newsletter is distributed to their clients too, therefore reaching a wider audience and potentially offering an opportunity for more business leads. 

As BrandLoyalty have said themselves, ‘Retailers across the globe are reshaping the future of shopping’ and this has been achieved by successful campaigns, innovative ideas and expert knowledge provided via channels such as their monthly newsletter.

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