Local SEO services: Page 1 on Google for Brighton-based Confidence Coach.

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Helping new Confidence Coach compete locally on Google.


New start-up, Emma Forbes Life Coaching, had a website with very little online traffic. Our team knew it would only take a few SEO-tweaks to get Emma’s local-based business onto the front page of Google.

After carrying out keyword research, producing an SEO strategy and editing the website for SEO, Emma Forbes Life Coaching ranked on the first page of Google.

local SEO services

About Emma Forbes Life Coaching

Emma set up her new business after retraining as a Life Coach. Since launching the business, Emma had a good steady flow of leads but was wondering why her website wasn’t working harder for her locally.

Emma turned to We Are Copywriters for our SEO expertise and challenged us to get her website onto the first page of Google. As a business owner, Emma was also interested in our SEO training sessions to help her manage her own results in the future.

Emma Forbes Life Coaching Brighton

Local SEO services

Our SEO team reviewed Emma’s website and could see with a few small tweaks we could get big results.

We started out the journey with our keyword research and keyword strategy placement package. This enabled us to see how competitive local Life Coaching keywords were. Interestingly, ‘life coaching brighton’ was a highly competitive keyword and would take Emma’s website a bit longer to rank for. The site needed more time under its belt and required a lot of new blogging content to succeed.

Realising time was not on Emma’s side, our team discovered a lucrative keyword, that wasn’t highly competitive, but could still generate a decent volume of potential clients each month.

Our team then used these results to edit the website for SEO and supported Emma with getting her business onto Google My Business.

SEO training for business owners and startups

Ongoing SEO and content writing services are costly for startup businesses, which is why our team are passionate about passing our knowledge and skills on to enable business owners to support themselves.

We ran our personal 1-2-1 virtual ‘How to write like an SEO’ training package with Emma (includes 2 x proofreading of online content) to give her the tools she needs to continue boosting her site with quality blog content. The training also means Emma can use her keyword research list to target popular searches in the future.

The results

Ranking on Google can take months, but our SEO amends got Emma Forbes Life Coaching onto the first page in just a matter of weeks.

Emma’s delighted her business now has an online presence and other local competitors are curious to know how she did it!

If you’re a business that needs help with your local SEO, get in touch, we’d love to chat!

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