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Find out how we made Blackhawk Network dominate the ‘public sector fund disbursement’ space on Google.


Non-profit organisations came under immense pressure during the coronavirus pandemic as more people leaned on them during the time of crisis. Global tech company, Blackhawk Network, recognised the challenges and stepped in to support charities and public sector organisations distribute their hardship aids efficiently and effectively.

Google is the first place many people turn to when looking for partners to support their needs. Which is why Blackhawk Network knew they had to create useful content for non-profit companies to help answer their questions – and show them there’s dedicated support available.

Our team of SEO writers were hired to create web page and blog article content to match the most popular keywords charity organisations were searching for.

Within a matter of weeks, Blackhawk Network’s public sector content…

  • received the most views on its website
  • dominated targeted keywords on the first page of Google
  • generated a high volume of valuable leads

Don’t want to read our case study in detail? Click the links below to see our online content for Blackhawk Network:

Blackhawk Network public sector funds disbursement

About Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network is a global tech company worth approximately £18 billion. The business works primarily in the employee reward and customer loyalty sector to boost business productivity and sales revenue.

The UK team has a dedicated Marketing department managing many aspects for the business, from packaging to website activity and social media management.

Blackhawk Network turned to Copy Write because of our SEO knowledge, keyword ranking expertise and copywriting skills.

By outsourcing the online content for its new funds disbursement service, it meant the in-house marketing team could focus on other priorities in preparation for the product launch.

How we ranked Blackhawk Network on the first page of Google

Our SEO team always begin online lead generation content with indepth keyword research. It’s vital to understand what target customers are searching for and their intent when searching for specific answers and outcomes.

Once we had identified the most relevant and fruitful keywords for Blackhawk Network’s new charity-aid service, our team got to work to generate the content.

Copy Write has an extremely high hit rate when it comes to ranking content on Google. Our SEO copywriting experience means we know how to rank content and what is required to get Google to reward articles with the number #1 spot.

The results

In just a matter of weeks Blackhawk Network achieved…

  • Number #1 on Google for a vast amount of relevant keywords
  • First page ranking on Google for even more keywords connected to the new service
  • A high volume of online traffic to the new web pages, resulting in valuable leads
  • A positive internal business reaction as many departments could clearly feel the impact the content was making

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