Tripling website traffic via successful SEO plan

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Client: School of Connection

Who are they?

Established in 2014 by founder and CEO, Michael Sokolin, School of Connection is a public
speaking school that offers both online and in-house public speaking courses with
authenticity at its core.

Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) is rated as one of the most common phobias,
affecting an estimated 73% of people worldwide and it can be hugely anxiety inducing.

School of Connection’s ethos is built on principles that combine Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques, with an aim to ‘help create a more self-accepting, transparent and better connected society.’

What stands them apart from other public speaking companies is that their philosophy is
unique. Instead of trying to follow a more commonly used, formulaic approach to
combating anxiety, School of Connection believe that accepting vulnerability is the
‘cornerstone of developing true confidence.’

Having taught over 10,000 students since it first opened its doors in 2014, School of
Connection offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise that encourages its students to
embrace their fears by exploring the root cause of such fears and equipping them with the
tools to overcome it. Their coaches each have unique backgrounds, such as qualifications in
Voice Studies to professional theatre work and it is this diverse wealth of experience that
they bring to their courses.

Our work for School of Connection

Whilst a website had been created, School of Connection hadn’t invested in SEO, resulting in
low organic traffic and limited visitor count. Realising their limited audience, they hired the
We Are Copywriters’ team to develop an SEO plan to direct potential customers to their
website and create ongoing blog content.

Together, an SEO, keyword, blog content, and backlink strategy was developed, to ensure
organic search results became one of the biggest website traffic drivers. The nature of the
course means many clients will be discovering School of Connection for the first time – so it
was crucial the SEO and website content attracted and converted this potential audience.

The results

Over the course of just a few short months, School of Connection has gone from zero
ranking within Google to now appearing on PAGE ONE in multiple key search words.

The main result of this being that web traffic has TRIPLED to their website, highlighting that with the support, skills and expertise from the We Are Copywriters’ team, a company can reach its full potential.

The blog content is also growing daily, with links being shared via other channels, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, thus hitting a wider audience.

By handing over the SEO reins to We Are Copywriters, the team at School of Connection were able to focus their energies on delivering quality programmes, enabling students to ‘work through fear, communicate with authenticity and express themselves honestly.’

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