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‘Increase sales’ is a common goal from a PR or marketing campaign. However, have you ever thought that your client’s lack of SEO could be stopping your PR team’s activity reaching that goal?

Coming from a background in public relations, we understand the frustration you feel when you’re stellar coverage in a broadsheet doesn’t get the sales reaction your client expects,

Picture this: 

You’ve achieved coverage of your client’s bamboo toothbrush in the Guardian’s sustainability spread (congrats)! 

A few days later, a Guardian reader wants to find out more about that toothbrush they saw and pops into Google ‘bamboo toothbrush’. 

Your client doesn’t have very good SEO, but your client’s competitor does. The competitor appears on the front page of Google, the Guardian reader clicks onto their website and adds the bamboo toothbrush to their shopping cart. 

Frustrating, much?

This is why we’re making it our mission to close the gap between PR and SEO.

Why do you need SEO content writing services?

When you next plan your PR or marketing campaign pop into Google a few keywords your client’s target customer might put into the search bar to discover the websites that appear.

If your client’s website shows up on the first page. Great! No more action required.

If a competitors’ website shows up you’ll need to think about adding ‘SEO content and blog content’ to your campaign plan.

SEO content alongside your campaign will make sure any potential traffic coming via Google (or another search engine), will not be lost.

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