The Importance of a keeping a Notebook

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The Novelty of the Notebook

Never underestimate the power of the simple notebook. 

The novelty of the notebook is such that it’s becoming a rarity to step away from the tap-tapping of keyboards and reach for the simplicity of the humble pad. That notion of putting pen to paper and recording one’s thoughts is both freeing and enlightening for any writer perfecting their craft. 

In the ever-changing world of mobiles, tablets, and laptops, these devices go out of fashion quicker than the pager (remember that?) and in its purest form, it is an instant device for recording your immediate thoughts and current threads, which, as a writer or entrepreneur is essential for creativity. 

It should be carried upon your person like a pair of gloves, a mobile phone, or in current times, a mini bottle of antibacterial gel. It should be accessible and small enough to not become an annoyance. And, like Ant and Dec, the most successful of couples, it should always be accompanied by its constant companion, the simple pen.

Writing consistently is key for a writer. 

Writer’s block is a real concern for many, and it is during these periods where the notebook can come to the fore. A notebook doesn’t need perfected prose or edited dialogue. It doesn’t require polished lines or corrected fronted adverbials. It is a place for doodles, one-liners, lists and catchphrases. It can be one word spider-diagrams or simply a title. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t judge, it’s not there to be assessed or shown to the public. 

There is an immediacy to a notebook that can spark the writer into another direction or instigate another story. That rapid process of thought to page is vital in bringing forth the most important aspect of any writer’s career – continuity. The relationship between the writer and their notebook is one of privacy and connectiveness. But without the need of a good Wi-Fi connection or the fear of it being stolen if left on a coffee shop table whilst you pop to the loo. 

Notebooks can also be beautiful. 

Gone are the metallic screens of laptops or the blue-screen glare of a mobile phone, notebooks are like prized collections to writers. A collection of notebooks of varying sizes, covers and patterns can stand pride of place on bookshelves or a work desk. They can be personalised to suit requirement, lined, unlined; big or small. 

The novelty of the notebook is such that it is a snapshot of time gone by. Chuckling at childhood scribbles or re-living the experiences of teenage angst is both personal and emotional. 

A typed-out email would struggle to have the same effect. 

From scribbled words to full-blown synopses, the notebook shows the development of a story, a new concept, even a start-up business plan. These notebooks are a physical reminder of how far the writer has come. Turning to a page filled with doodles or scribblings can instantly transport the reader back into the time that they wrote it, which can prove crucial when building the foundations of an idea or new concept.

In short, the notebook should be as irreplaceable for any writer, creator, or business entrepreneur as their mobile device. It can handle the coffee stains like a pro, it won’t power down or lose connection due to lack of Wi-Fi either. It operates as a constant companion for all who use it, and in an age where handwriting and note scribbling is becoming less common in favour of a keyboard, it shouldn’t be viewed as an antiquated pastime, but as a necessary requirement. 

Written by Joanna Knowles, a writer on the We Are Copywriters team.

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